Monday, April 2, 2007

Inkjet paper, etc.

Hi all, Sorry for all the posts; my school is on Spring Break this week and I'm diving into my photography.

I spent today hunting for the different types of paper we printed on in class. I went to Photographer Supply first. They have the Epson papers, as well as some limited types of the Hahnemuhle. Just Film (inside New Lab) had very limited supply except for Epson papers. Lastly (and maybe a bit unfortunately) Calumet had all kinds in stock. I purchased a sample pack of Hahnemuhle and found lots of the Moab papers.

I found a deal on a used Epson R2400 printer on Craigslist and bought it yesterday. It included an entire extra set of ink, so now I'm ready to start producing some test prints. I hope to have these next week.

Lastly, did we make a plan for First Thursday Gallery visits? It's this week, right?


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Agata K. said...

I didn't know that we had decided on the first Thursday outing. I actually made plans on my own to go with a couple of friends. We're going to 49 Geary. If indeed class plans include this as a field trip, perhaps I can meet up at some point with y'all :)