Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Art Criticism

Art criticism has gain the notorious reputation of being a negative thing, when in actuality it is a description, a interpretation, an evaluation, and a theorization of art; more than just an expression of likes and dislikes. Rene Richard says: "Why give publicity to something you hate?"

I personally enjoy critiques, they'e helpful one to look at his/her work in someone elses perspective as well as to gain new ideas. Someone else looking at your work may point out something you wouldn't have noticed, tell you something that turns them off from the piece as a viewer, or encourage you to go further with a project. As the artist, you of course retain the final say in the future of your work, which is great that with a critique you still retain that power.

Critics search for words that images provoke and display them to the public. It is important to remember any critism is just one persons opinion and, as an artist, one can choose to take it to heart or disregard it. Either way, it is silly to get worked up or offended that one person isn't fond of your art work, since both art and criticism are both very subjective forms of expression
-Auroa Fisher

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