Saturday, March 10, 2007

If there is one thing I will remember about Russian Hill it is the endless stairs you find everywhere. The ones on the near right lead to Polk Street from Chestnut and Larkin and have an eerie feel to them all the time. I actually lassoed some of the trees on the left and increased the exposure...the first time I had ever done that! The ones on the far right lead from Larkin into the neighborhood park.

These brick steps take you down the beginning of Lombard Street, the "crooked" street. Stairs, stairs everywhere and not an elevator in sight! I hope as a trio they give a feeling of the neighborhood I have been living in for the past six months.

Janet R


Janet Rotter said...

Somehow the pix got rearranged. The top picture is of the stairs to the park!

RonP said...

Great idea. San Francisco must have the most photogenic stairs in the country. They say so much about the landscape of the city.