Sunday, March 4, 2007

These are cropped pieces from much larger photoshop files that cannot be uploaded until I transform them into jpegs, but I thought you might be interested in those Chinese junks I referred to in class. They were sailing by my window for two or three days. I think you can see why I could just sit in a chair and watch the bay forever. (Actually, I could probably sit in a chair in a ground floor apartment and watch the sidewalk forever!) But I am really pleased with these not because of any artistic quality or creativity but because I think I got the color developing right apropos of what we were talking about in terms of hue, saturation, curves, etc. etc. The sails really did have that rosy blush to them and the bay really was a greenish blue. Generally, the bay and everything around it has been very grey and brown and not too picturesque which has made it a real challenge to photograph.
Technically, the bay is not in my neighborhood, Russian Hill, so I have decided to go out on my feet next week and shoot around. Beware.
Janet Rotter

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