Saturday, February 17, 2007

Introduction: Josh

Hi all,

Josh here. I hope this is where we're supposed to introduce ourselves.

Here goes:
I am a decidedly enthusiastic photography hobbyist. I've played with both film and digital for the past 10 or so years, however, I've never really found my "eye" for it. I enjoy playing with different types of cameras, equipment, and styles, and am looking to hone my skills in order to take this interest of mine to the next level. Right now I'm most interested in exploring street photography, though I also really enjoy landscape work.

I live in Noe Valley with my wife Maida and our menagerie of pets (2 cats, Rocket and Bandit and dog, Topher). I am a principal of a small public charter school, City Arts and Tech HS, located near City College.

Recently, I became more interested in my photography after spending 4 weeks driving around the desert southwest and the Navajo Nation this past July. I'm excited about our work together.


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Agata K. said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourselves, Janet and Josh. I'd like to contribute as well but can't figure out how to create an original post without just commenting on an existing one like I'm doing now. I'm ... er ... a bit computer challenged ;) Can anyone point me in the direction?