Saturday, February 17, 2007

janet rotter

just want to give some info about myself and to let you all know that I have photos on flickr under the name jrotter3. Years ago I was a magazine editor and I actually assigned photos and photo sessions monthly. Well, I will never be as good as the people who I worked with. Truthfully, I never even thought about photographing very much during those years when I was a writer/journalist. It is only with the advent of digital photography that I have become hooked. I love being in on the newness of the movement and I love the thrifty quality l of being able to take as many snaps as I want and then...toss em if I want. There is something very democratic about this process and I feel I have a head start being able to shoot and develop in digital! My goal is to be able to visualize and then capture photographs that I could sell at crafts and arts fairs around the east coast. My husband and I are having a huge giggle about this and are fantasizing about driving up and down the countryside in a van with my photographs inside. Is this really something to look forward to?

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