Monday, July 16, 2007

Andreas Gursky

Who is the photographer?
Andreas Gursky

What is their work about? Or what is a recent body of their work about?
Gursky's work is about expressing the patterns of culture through the patterns of photography.

How did you find out about their work, where have you seen their work?
My art teacher told me to look at his work for an extended essay that I have to write. But, I chose to write about him because I was talking to one of my RA's and they told me I should look at his work..(obedience!) and after I googed him I realized that I had already seen his work before and decided that I should do further research. I have seen his work at his exhibit in the MoMa.

What is compelling about their work?
The aesthetically pleasingly weirdness... I love patterns in photography and the patterns in his work grasp the attention of the viewer to think about the patterns- in the photo and the culture.

Are they an insider or and outsider to their subject?
Gursky is an outsider...but I can't really express why. Yes I know that is not a sufficient answer. I'll think of something clever later on in life and get back to this.

What kind of story does the work tell/ communicate?
For example, in "Tokyo Stock Exchange," he communicates the repetitive lives that the men who work in the Tokyo Stock Exchange lead. You can tell by the way that they all look the same and have the same expression. However, that's only what he communicates to me because I sort of -already know what Japanese businessmen are like so it might be completely different for people who don't know.


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