Tuesday, July 17, 2007

David Lachapelle

Who is the photographer?
David Lachapelle

What is their work about? Or what is a recent body of their work about?
David does a lot of color celebrity photography. In his most recent book "Heaven to Hell", David puts together a collection of celebrity photographs but ties in references to the bible, renaissance art, and porn.

How did you find out about their work, where have you seen their work?
I've heard about him and a couple of friends told me about him so i decided to research him.

What is compelling about their work?
His work is compelling because some of them almost look like paintings because of how they are staged and the vibrant colors in the photos. He takes celebrity photography to a much theatrical level.

Are they an insider or and outsider to their subject?
He is an insider because he is staging his photographs and his subjects.

What kind of story does the work tell/ communicate?
His art communicates growing pop culture while refelcting back on renaissance and biblical images.

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