Monday, July 16, 2007

Who is the photographer?
Larry Clark

What is their work about? Or what is a recent body of their work about?
He does a lot of photography on urban youth including sexual behavior, violence, and the drug culture. This is depiced in his first book "Tulsa".

How did you find out about their work, where have you seen their work?
Watching his film Kids, which his photography was featured in.

What is compelling about their work?
It's very in your face, and eye opening. It depicts what most of America ignores and chooses to pretend doesnt exist. It shows the very popular culture of the youth and is thus shocking and equally enticing.

Are they an insider or and outsider to their subject?
He's an insider because he is photographing his own friends.

What kind of story does the work tell/ communicate?
It tells the story of Midwestern youth participating in a very accepted culture.

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