Tuesday, July 31, 2007


"The photograph was thus used as a hybrid medium to create works that priviledged art-as-activity over art-as-product." I find this pretty interesting because I have never really considered art as an activity in this day and age...I have always thought of an activity as something physically stimulating, so i've always thought of it as a product, an outcome of all of the work you do is a product. there is some physical activity involved in a shoot perhaps and you get your hands dirty in the dark room. But, this is an odd quote to me. Later on in the article it goes into how photographs can be decieving and have "hidden" messages, but these types of photographs to me are mostly advertisement for the consumers, the article mentions the Marlboro man and such which is a prime example of making someone look extremely glamourous in the photograph with the intentions of your product selling. This paper talks about how photography wasn't really meant to be a fine art-it was created at first to record really what was going on, but the more people starting to look at the medium, the bigger and bigger it got...

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