Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Glenna Jennings

Who is the photographer?
Glenna Jennings.

What is their work about? Or what is a recent body of their work about?
Her recent body of work, entitled "Inheritance", is dealing with her father's death in 2006 and the inheritance of his gun collection, as well as their relationship and women gun owners. It's told through not only photographs, but performances and writings as well.

How did you find out about their work, where have you seen their work?
She was my first formal photography teacher in high school, but I became familiar with her work through galleries and the internet...and of course, slide shows in class.

What is compelling about their work?
Her lighting, her set-ups, and the expressions, the poses of her subjects.

Are they an insider or and outsider to their subject?
I would think an insider, as many are candid as well as obviously posed.

What kind of story does the work tell/ communicate?
Well, some series, like these "postcards" she "sent" to writers, were set-ups, but they were expressionistic in the way that they were telling the viewer that this was how Glenna felt while reading their writings, an encompassion of her visual feelings.


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