Monday, July 16, 2007

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FUN COLOR!...I'm writing about Ectoplasm: Photography in the Digital Age. I find it really depressing that the birth of photography already implied the situation of death. When people had their pictures taken they were supposed to stay really still or the the picture would turn out blurry. And while they were trying to stay still, they looked as if they were dead. interesting, non?

"'Space of a single minute,' in which space becomes time, and time space. I've never really thought about photography as something that combines something really still and eternal-like with something that will never occur again.

I feel so weird after having read this. Photography used to be about what is real and what has happened and its become this thing that looks like it's happened but could be a complete lie. However, this brings an element of mystery and evokes thought which is also important..

Way to make me more confused!

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